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Crisp & Crude

Gold Fashioned

Gold Fashioned with Chocolate Thai terpenes This zero-proof number is bold, bright, and a world traveler. Inspired by oak barrels stored for decades in Kentucky rickhouses, to the bitterly complex chinotto oranges grown in Liguria, to the smoky lapsang souchong tea leaves from the Fujian province of China, and then back to that familiar field of dandelions toasting in the warm golden sun.

This drink flirts with the classics like the Gold Rush and Old Fashioned, but is wholly its own. Chocolate Thai terpenes, you ask?  Mood-lifting botanical extracts. Rich and lush. Free and uninhibited. So, pour a glass, dim the lights, and play some music.

Tasting Notes: Aged oak barrel, bitter orange, and zesty dandelion.