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Tea Drops

Matcha Green Single Tea Drop

Crazy high in antioxidants, our full bodied Matcha Green Tea will kick-start your day! From it’s bright color, to the fresh smell of the tea leaves, to it’s deep flavor and unique after taste, this Tea is a full sensory experience; it’s much more than just a cup of tea. Delicately smooth and bold, this unique tea will power you through your afternoon with calm alertness. This is one earthy and gently sweet Matcha experience.

Good to know:
More than just a Japanese cultural fad, making matcha a part of your daily wellness routine brings a whole slew of healing benefits. Matcha has been known to lower your LDL (bad) cholesterol improving heart health. Laced with polyphenols, rich in amino acid, and with L-theanine found in high concentration, matcha tea helps boost the alpha waves in your brain. Matcha is rich in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and chock full of vitamins and minerals as well! 

What's in the bottom of your cup:
Tea Drops are organic, finely ground whole leaf teas, pressed into a cute shape.  The drop dissolves in boiling water but you will notice some finely ground tea leaves at the bottom of your cup. These plant-based fibers are meant to be consumed. Swirl cup gently while consuming to capture every fiber-rich sip, or you can filter them out if they are not your thing.