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Gibbs Smith

Cabin Style

The co-authors of American Rustic share inspirations for rustic elegance in home design for those who love living well in wild places.

This gorgeously photographed volume offers visions of refined cabin style by top designers, builders, architects, and artists. From Napa to Nashville and along the Rocky Mountain spine, each project reflects the ways we live, and play, in nature. Whether a bison ranch, a log fishing cabin, a stone guest house, a lakeside retreat, a ski chalet, or a wine country barn, each home exhibits whimsical, playful, comfortable, and welcoming interiors and architecture—always inspired by the land.

The homes curated inCabin Style represent a fresh look at the genre, from traditional to transitional to modern. Interviews with architects, designers, builders and owners illuminate both the backstory and the creative process.

Photographer Audrey Hall and writer Chase Reynolds Ewald have collaborated on five books, with their bookAmerican Rustic being named one of Best Home Design Books of 2015 byArchitectural Digest.