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Barnaby Black

Demon Weed Exposure Clay

Our Demon Weed Exposure Clay was formulated to help remove the irritating oils from those terrible plants that cause rash & itching. Although we intended this clay to be used before a rash occurs, we field tested this & it helped relieve itching & the spread of rash. It also gently exfoliates & smells good!

How To Use: If you've come in contact with poison ivy, oak or sumac thoroughly scrub infected area for 10 minutes with clay & wash off with warm water. Ingredients: Naturally sourced bentonite clay, pumice powder, distilled conifer water, baking soda, witch hazel distillate, sea salt, white oak powder, black walnut shell powder, steam distilled essential oils Intended for external use only!

Measures: 8 oz tub - Please recycle or reuse this 1 PETE plastic jar.