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Explorer Cold Brew Co.

Explorer Cold Brew | Starter Pack

It’s your new favorite coffee for home or on the go. Sample Explorer today with a Starter Pack to try one of each caffeine level, or send it as a gift for a coffee-loving friend to try one of our dozens of recipes. Each 2oz bottle makes 1-2 coffees - see which caffeine levels work best for your body and lifestyle before ordering a Big Bottle.

Whether it’s a No Caf (0-2mg/oz), Low Caf (50mg/oz), Reg Caf (100mg/oz), or Extra Caf (150mg/oz), it’s a coffee that you can make for any occasion, anytime, customized just the way you want. Crafted by 3 award-winning Tastemakers, Explorer’s 4 caffeine levels are all made from organic, fair-trade, and specialty-grade coffee.

Delicious adventure fuel like you've never experienced before. What are you waiting for?