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Long Table

Gluten Free Pancake Mix

A diner classic with a gluten-free glow up!  We source heirloom grains from regenerative farmers for a healthy, gourmet breakfast: A whole-grain pancake that tastes more like an indulgence than a health food. It also makes a great gift! Sorghum flour gives them their buttery backbone, almond meal lends some natural sweetness, and delicate teff seeds provide just a hint of sparkle and crunch. And listen... you don't have to tell anyone they're gluten free. Why? Because there's no xanthan gum, no guar gum & no chalky, cheap rice flour. We use an old southern diner technique to give these cakes the structure they need: old-fashioned potato starch. 

* 11g Protein * 100% Whole Grain * 4g Fiber FLUFFY EVERY TIME

Our pancakes always come out tender & fluffy - because we use better grains.