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Dell Cove Spices & More Co.

Rainbow Popcorn Kernels

Dell Cove® Rainbow popcorn kernels - multi colored popcorn kernels that are a colorful mix and fun for a movie night in. A top seller! This popcorn variety naturally grows all these different colored kernels - which pop up fluffy and crunchy. The popcorn will be white when it pops, with a slightly colored tint in the center, depending on the color of the kernel. Make a batch and you're ready for movie night.

SIZE: 4.5 inch x 7 inch x 2.5 inch.
NET WEIGHT: 8 oz. Bags are resealable - so you can make a little, or make a lot, of popcorn at one time.

The 8 oz bulk bag bag makes about 8 quarts (or about 32 cups) of popped corn. The popcorn kernels will also pop in an air-popper or a commercial popcorn maker. Pouch material is recyclable. Direction cards for your customers of how to pop popcorn by stove top are available by request.