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Surely Wine

Surely Sparkling White NA Wine

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Surely's champagne or "Brut" (meaning dry with almost no sweetness) is a crowd pleaser. There's always a reason to celebrate. What is the occasion? Life is the occasion. Flavor Profile: Rich flavor counterbalances the acidity in this dry Brut. Hints of lemon, peach, and gentle custard notes. Best served chilled. Enjoy together. Food Pairings: This bubbly gracefully compliments your celebratory spreads, from simple crudité to charcuterié boards. Break out the caviar.

Only 45 calories and 6g of sugar per serving.

Made with only the best grapes from California and natural ingredients. Gluten-Free, Vegan- and Non-GMO.

Serving Size: Each bottle is 24 fluid ounces and contains 3 servings (8 fluid ounces per serving). Not available for shipping!