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Tea Drops

Sweet Peppermint Single Tea Drop

A little sweet and a little sleepy, perfectly made for a self-care queen, that’s our Sweet Peppermint! Naturally caffeine free, this is a full bodied Peppermint tea experience with a kick of genuine spearmint. Refreshing to your senses with a calming and blissful vibe, this tea fits anywhere in your day! From your early morning start to your afternoon meditation, to evening sunsets and beyond, this relaxing tea will make your day that much better!

Good to know:
While Peppermint tea has an amazing flavor, it’s also good for you! Peppermint leaves contain antioxidants and may help relax your digestive system, and ease stomach issues. It has antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties that can help fight infections. Menthol in the Peppermint leaves is a known decongestant that helps relieve cold and allergy symptoms.

What's in the bottom of my cup?
Tea Drops are organic, finely ground whole leaf teas, pressed into a cute shape.  The drop dissolves in boiling water but you will notice some finely ground tea leaves at the bottom of your cup. These plant-based fibers are meant to be consumed. Swirl cup gently while consuming to capture every fiber-rich sip, or you can filter them out if they are not your thing.