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Forge Co.

Winter Pine Soy Candle

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Crisp and fresh — like a walk through the winter woods to find that perfect tree to celebrate the season. Delicate notes of apple and citrus invigorate the classic woody evergreen base of balsam fir, spruce, and cedar making it vibrant and true to nature.

Good to know: Burn Time is 60 hours!

Made in: Syracuse, NY

About Forge Co.:
Handcrafted in Upstate, New York in small batches to ensure the highest quality and attention to detail. We use 100% all natural soy wax, cotton wicks, and phthalate free fragrance oils to create true-to-life scents that evoke our favorite moments. All candles are non-toxic, vegan and contain no added dyes.

Why soy wax?
Soy wax, made from soybeans is eco-friendly, sustainable and made in the USA. It burns cleaner, healthier and longer than traditional petroleum based paraffin candles.

Candle Care
THE FIRST BURN - When you first light your candle, allow it to burn until the wax melts across the entire surface. This prevents tunneling and creates an even burn for the life of your candle (this will take about 2-4 hours).

General Care
Always trim the wick to ¼” prior to each lighting. We recommend burning for no longer than 4 hours at a time for best results. If soot forms on the inside of your jar, blow out the flame, allow it to cool, then wipe clean. Keep the wick centered and the wax pool free of debris.

Safety & Re-use
Be careful! The container may become hot while burning. Discontinue use when ½” of wax is left. Once your candle is done, repurpose your jar by washing with soap and warm water.