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HiBAR Renew Face Wash

Goodbye plastic, hello HiBAR. Meet HiBAR’s plastic-free, soap-free solid face wash bars. Each concentrated formula is a blend of gentle ingredients—including 12 amino acids that deliver beautifully soft, clear skin—without adding to the world’s plastic pollution. The unique shape of our solid face wash bar is designed to fit comfortably in your hand for easy use. But don’t be fooled by the compact size—each face wash bar lasts as long as one full bottle of liquid face wash.

Best of all, HiBAR’s formulas are tailored for specific skin types. Renew Face Wash Bar is a gentle exfoliating skin care facial cleanser that leaves your skin clean and dewy. Each bar is packed with amino acids and olive seed powder to ever so gently remove dead skin cells. We recommend using Renew a few times a week, or just as you would any exfoliating face wash—and it’s safe for sensitive skin.