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The Team

Rachel Bartunek

Hometown: Yonkers, NY / Mahopac, NY
Favorite Drink: Iced Coffee until cocktails, I'm a big fan of Old Fashioneds, which is why the ingredients may be found at the shop!
Favorite Activity: Antiquing, renovating our 1853 home, snuggling with my pup, Tucker, and spending time with my husband, family, and friends.
Favorite Shop Item:  Everyday Oil is my go-to for everyday care.
Shop Job:  Pay the bills! Design the shop and displays, create and order products, screenprinting, and a lot of bit of everything. 
Personal Tidbit:I moved to Clinton from NYC and wound up planting roots in our small town. I wear many hats and double as a graphic designer, calligrapher, and oil painter. 

Jeremy Ackerman
A little bit of everything

Hometown: Canastota, NY
Favorite Drink: New England IPAs
Favorite Activity: Photography, road trips, cabins in the woods, and exploring new places
Favorite Shop Item: Any of the Barebones lanterns & alpaca blankets
Shop Job: Laser operator, display maker, package deliverer, handyman, and emergency cashier in a pinch
Personal Tidbit: I left my career of 15 years in 2020 to pursue photography full time and haven't looked back. 

Megan Pugliese

Hometown: Clinton, NY