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Art of Sucre

Gold Cotton Candy Glitter Bombs for Drinks

Champagne-flavored cotton candy with edible gold glitter Elevate your drink game with our Gold Cotton Candy Glitter Bombs. Get ready to rip, drop, pour, and sip your way to a mesmerizing experience! Each glitter bomb is a hand-spun puff of cotton candy infused with edible glitter. Once dropped into your favorite clear and bubbly beverage, the cotton candy dissolves, leaving behind a magical, sparkly color and adding a delightful touch of sweetness. Enjoy the enchantment of these glitter bombs, knowing they are safe for all ages to consume.

Each box of our Gold Cotton Candy Glitter Bombs contains 4 delightful glitter bombs, ensuring you have plenty of sparkling moments to enjoy. Elevate your drink experience with these enchanting treats and let the magic unfold sip by sip. Contains 4 Glitter Bombs