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HiBAR Moisturize Shampoo Bar

Hello HiBAR Moisturize. Goodbye dry, frizzy hair. Unleash your hair’s potential with HiBAR’s soap-free Moisturize Shampoo Bar—the ultimate rejuvenator for thirsty, lifeless hair.

Our Moisturize Shampoo Bar is formulated with a deeply nourishing blend of powerhouse ingredients. Vitamin B5 help fortify and restore natural resilience. Rice protein leaves your hair detangled, smooth, and soft. Enriched with cocoa butter and a natural silicone alternative from olive oil.

The unique shape of HiBAR Shampoo Bars is designed to fit comfortably in your hand for easy use. And don’t be fooled by the compact size—each shampoo bar lasts as long as 2 big bottles of liquid shampoo.