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It's Citrus! | Spiked Citrus Brew Kit

It's Citrus! is the perfect drink to accompany any girls' weekend! This infusion kit is best mixed with beer, and is our {adult} version of the party drink, Hop, Skip, and Go Naked. HOW IT WORKS: Choose your favorite liquor and then infuse it for 3 days in our handcrafted kit, made of the perfect combination of sweetened orange slices, dried grapefruit, and dried lemons. After 3 days, shake, strain and mix with your favorite beer! This kit can be infused twice and makes 8-16 cocktails. Each kit includes a recipe card with infusion suggestions.

**Liquor not included. Infusion kit only contains dried fruit and spices.** (This is the same exact recipe as our former Allie's Ale - we just renamed it for less confusion!)