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Poppy & Pout

Pride Punch Lip Balm

Pride Punch is here again! And by popular demand, we've brought back our original lip balm formula. Every June for a limited time we launch our Pride Punch Lip Balm! Made with clean ingredients and a delicious hint of tropical flavors, this is sure to become your favorite year round.

Our natural lip balm formula is as smooth as can be. Each cardboard tube is filled from the bottom to the top with lip hydrating goodness. Ready for more? Gently push up from the bottom to reveal more of your favorite eco-friendly lip balm.

Once you’re done, make sure to recycle; our ingredients come straight from Mother Earth, and we like to give right back! Every June we proud to donate a portion of our retail proceeds to Encircle, a non-profit providing a safe and creative space for LGBTQ+ youth.