Olight Warrior Mini Eternal Flashlight (Limited Edition)

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Warriors are a time-honored occupation to protect the family and homeland. This year, to create these premium limited-edition Warrior Mini lights, we added the spirit of warriors to inspire strength and good deeds. This includes the warrior of spring, summer, autumn, winter, and eternity which stands for freedom, courage, honor, peace, and love, respectively. The Warrior Mini is a dual-switch tactical EDC light. It can produce a beam of 190 meters and an output of 1,500 lumens despite its compact size. The body knurling is for secure grip, while the pocket clip is for easy carry. Besides a side switch catering to daily use, it has a tail switch to operate tactically. The 3500mAh battery is rechargeable via the MCC3 charging cable, ensuring a long runtime. The indicator on the side switch reveals the battery level clearly. Putting together the best technologies available, the Warrior Mini serves as a superior EDC light outdoors, a powerful light on duty, and a handy tool for self-defense.