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Jenni Earle

small brass thunderbird slide

this hand-crafted brass thunderbird is a one-of-a-kind bandana slide that brings some serious moxie to your bandana style. these bandana slides are really having a moment! get some today to offer your customers a stylish way to hold their bandana around their neck, hat or a bag strap. a perfect accessory to offer in your store, the bandana slide... so many uses! summer hiking, pet adornment, gifts, fall camping, back to school, yoga, gardening, and just some gorgeous, on trend, western style! we make these small batch, made in the USA bandana slides to be used as talismans to help us remember everyday that we are so much stronger and more capable than we know. styled in homage to our trailblazing heroes. handmade in abilene, texas. 100% brass 100% brass