Mother's Day Event – May 11, 2024!

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Introducing Sierra!

We are so excited to launch our new Almost Local Brand Rep Program, partnering with those in our community to bring you fresh adventures and our gear out in the wild. We so enjoy meeting new people and it's definitely a highlight of owning a shop in a small town. 

Up first, meet Sierra, one of our longtime customers and always a friendly face! Sierra takes incredible photos with her family and we've so enjoyed following along with her adventures.  

Sierra says:
I am definetly a dirt on my feet, grounded in adventure type of girl. The fear of missing out only applies when it comes to the next big exploration in the outdoors or the hidden treasures in my local neighborhoods. I surprisingly feel most myself with a camera in my hand. And wouldn't trade random personal conversations with strangers for anything! 

Head on over to instagram to follow along with her, we have some fun things coming up and you won't want to miss it!